Online Guitarist Service


My online session guitarist service gives songwriters, singers, bands and producers the best value, quickest and most flexible way to get the quality guitar parts they need.

I’m a versatile, contemporary and creative guitarist with over 20 years playing experience in a wide range of bands & projects.

“I love how you brought my song to life” – Raymond N. Producer & songwriter

“I’m genuinely thrilled with it, you’ve done an awesome job!!! Thank you so much” Jonathan Essex – Music Producer.

Online Session Guitarist Telecaster

Why use an online session guitarist?

Working remotely with an online session guitarist service will save you a ton of money compared to the traditional method of booking a recording studio and paying a session guitarist by the hour. Whether you’re recording backing tracks, making a demo or a finished song, getting great sounding guitar is important and working with a ‘virtual’ session guitarist is fast, flexible & great value.

So, if you need some guitar recorded but don’t want to break the bank then try my online session service

Prices start from just £60 per track. See how it works to find out more.

“”Steve is a highly talented, versatile guitarist, adept in all styles. He has a great grasp on arranging the perfect guitar part for a song, without overplaying. In addition, his studio production experience means he knows how to get the perfect sound too”” – Matthew Snowden. Online Session Drummer & Co-Founder of Chemical Audio.

Here is a clip of me improvising some funk guitar…

I also do online sessions for bass guitar and am an experienced producer, creating drum tracks, synth parts, mixing & arrangement are all additional services I can offer. If you feel you’d like help over and above the guitars, then don’t hesitate to ask.



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  1. will says:

    Hey there

    I like to send you a mp3 of a sing im needing a guitar trac for

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