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“I have worked with Steve in the studio for nearly ten years and can say that his musicianship and adaptability creates first class results on tape. His mature approach to tone and varied palette of playing styles makes him a great choice for all your guitar needs.” Tobias May, Senior Lecturer (BIMM), Senior Engineer/Studio Manager at Metway Studio.

“I’m genuinely thrilled with it, you’ve done an awesome job!!! Thank you so much. You’ll be my go-to guitarist. – Jonathan Essex – Pop Music Producer (Syco, EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner Music Group)

“I really love how you brought the song to life” – Raymond N. Hip Hop producer/composer

“Steve is a highly talented, versatile guitarist, adept in all styles. He has a strong grasp on arranging the perfect guitar part for a song, without overplaying. In addition, his studio production experience means he knows how to get the perfect sound too – Matthew Snowden. Session Drummer & Co-Founder of Chemical Audio

“I came to Steve with the need for some tight, professionally recorded session guitar recordings – in this case several versions of a blues loop and ending on a solo. What he came back with, in a very quick turnaround, was exactly what I was looking for and even improved on my original vision. It can be difficult to get across the ideas in your head to another musician and he hit the nail on the head first time. Fantastic, flexible guy to work with and he relates on an honest but impartial musical level which I think is the only way to work with people on creative projects.” – Dan Evans, Music Producer and Sound Designer.

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