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Fender Stratocaster: 62 reissue, Made in Japan. Mid 90’s – Sweet, delicate, funky & glassy sounding. Perfect for blues, funk, soul or pop guitar sessions.

Fender Telecaster: Lite Ash model with Seymour Duncan pickups – Twangy, edgy and bright sounding. Great for country, indie, funk & blues-rock guitar sessions.

Fender Telecaster 72 Thinline: Warm, rich and funky. Very versatile. Great for punk, rock, indie, post-rock, shoe-gaze guitar sessions.

Fender Jaguar: Gorgeous sounding with lots of character. Twangy, brittle, cuts through a mix really well. Great for shoe-gaze, melodramatic pop, indie funk & country guitar sessions.

Les Paul Custom Ltd Edition P90: Awesome custom shop designed Epiphone – Very versatile. Jazz, Blues, Punk, Rock guitar sessions.

Epiphone Casino: 1997 & from the renowned Peerless factory. Seymour Duncan antiquity P90 pickups. Rich, sweet vintage tone. Think Beatles, Kinks and Alabama Shakes. 

Tanglewood TW73 Acoustic: Parlour Guitar with Fishman pickup. Beautiful sounding acoustic which I use extensively for acoustic guitar sessions.

Yamaha 12 string acoustic. 1980s made so vintage now. Big, bright and lovely sounding.

Danelectro DC-3: Rare 90’s model of this classic electric guitar. Great quality and really unique. Great for surf, country, pop and contemporary indie. 

Epiphone Emperor Swingster: – archtop electric guitar with bigsby bridge. Sounds amazing. Great for Jazz, Rockabilly, Country, Blues and Indie guitar sessions.


Fender Hotrod Deluxe (ltd edition white lightening) – the best selling amp in the world. Enough said.

Vox ACVTV – small, class A valve amp with a small 10 inch speaker. Jimmy Page recorded most of his parts on an amp this size.


ART Tube MP tube preamp

Focusrite Saffire Pro firewire audio interface.

Too may effects Pedals to mention!

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