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Working with an online session guitarist is easy! Whether you need some existing guitar re-recorded or would like me to write some new parts, here are the basics of how it works after you have contacted me:

1: Send me your track in whatever form you have it. I like to know the tempo and chords if you have them. You can be as specific as you like. Musical influences & reference tracks can also be very helpful.

2: I record the guitar parts and then send you a link where you can listen to what I’ve done.

3: Tell me what you think. Your feedback is important and initial adjustments are included in the fee. Further adjustments or additions will require a top-up fee (based on £20 per hour). If you like the initial idea/recording, then I request a 50% deposit (not always necessary).

4: Job done – When you’re happy, you pay me the balance (bank transfer preferred but Paypal is OK) and I send you the audio files, usually via wetransfer. *

Guide Prices:

Single electric rhythm guitar – from £60 – this covers set up, guitar recording, editing and initial amendments.

Layered electric guitar (eg rhythm & lead) – from £80. 

Single acoustic guitar – from £100. 

Mix of acoustic & electric guitar – from £125. 

Final price will reflect the brief.

Discounts are available for multiple songs.

I may charge a little more for complex musical styles (for example jazz, progressive rock) and for briefs requiring re-recording of an existing part and/or a part which has been pre-written (because this takes longer).

Have a question or ready to go? Contact me


*Format of the files and what I send is flexible and will be discussed based on what you need.


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